Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use A Customs Broker ?

Constant changes in government rules and regulations require constant monitoring. It is too expensive and time consuming for importers / exporters to monitor all these changes. At Aakam individual expert attention is ensured and our dedicated team will calculate duty/taxes and liaise with Customs to ensure the speedy and hassle free clearance of your goods.

What is a HS number ?

HS is short for Harmonized System - every product has a 10 digit harmonized code based on standards set by the World Trade Organization which allows for classification of any products.

What do I do next on receiving commercial documents from an overseas supplier ?

You should forward copy of all these documents to where we access potential VAT / duties, confirm arrival date and provide you with the necessary backup information in order to have the consignment cleared through customs procedures immediately on arrival.

What duties and taxes are payable and am I paying the right amount ?

Unless exempt or zero rated for duty, most goods are subject to duty and taxes - in order to determine the applicable duties & VAT payable you as importer must determine the tariff classification - Aakam can assist you in this process and indeed help prepare documents required.