Aakam Customs Broker has been established in 2010 as Customs Broker agent in Hatta Border for all land custom services. Our services are rendered by adroit and experienced professionals 365x24x7, in a hassle-free manner. Our team ensures that no stones are unturned and our operations are flawless and achieve the desired result. Moreover, we have other facilities for overnight parking of trailers in case of any unforeseen delays that help us to maintain the superiority of our business endeavors. Our specialties include handling of hazardous substances and livestock, chemicals and break-bulk cargo. We are gravely concerned about the optimality of our operations and ensure that the cargo is cleared by the custom with all legal formalities. Thus, we strive our best to offer our customers every facility that will improve their efficiency and profitability and reduce the amount of time and money they expend on forwarding process. Our officials arrange for the customs-associated activities of our customers, thereby saving them from the hassle of going through the whole process themselves.

What Makes Us Different? At Aakam we have the systems and expertise to make you fully aware of your customs requirements. You can be assured of prompt clearance and excellent reputations with Customs authorities. Aakam Customs Clearance Services is operating very successfully at Hatta border within U.A.E. Aakam Customs Broker provides its customers the following customs related services: Custom documentation Verification of Documents required for customs clearance Inspection and Examination of shipments when required by concerned Authorities Apply New / renewal of Import/export code Overnight Parking for trailers in case of unexpected Delays